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The most famous street in Tijuana. This famous road was constructed in 1889 and since its inception, has been a meeting point for all tourists for its variety of crafts, restaurants and night clubs, you can also find replicas of pre-Hispanic sculptures and traditional donkeys zebras are an icon of the City that it has acquired over time rooting. So, for those working in these carts, it is common to find that a couple or a whole family come to "going to take a picture in donkeys", just as they did 20 or 30 years ago.

For those who travel constantly Revolution Avenue, these carts can pass almost unnoticed, being already part of everyday life, however, remain a curious and attractive to those who come for the first time to cross the street.

The "burreros" who have more years of work there, remember different characters, politicians and artists that have taken this memory of Tijuana: Mario Moreno "Cantinflas", María Victoria, "El Puma", among others, as well as some of mayors.